How do we decide what should be the ultimate goal of our life?

Surely we would not get another chance to leave an imprint of our work behind when we kick the bucket.

All of us pass through different sorts of circumstances. All of us get different types of opportunities in our life. So surely all of us can’t have same ultimate goal of life. Our goal would depend on the type of circumstances we may pass through, the type of opportunities that may come our way and the type of opportunities we may create for ourselves or others may create for us.

Of course we may pick up some clues from here and there.

Luckily, lots of people have left lots of trails behind them for us from which we can pick up what may inspire us, to look for some clue that may suit us to set a goal for ourselves. Here are some of such trails.

  1. The Story of Santa Claus

If you too want that people may remember you also just as everybody remembers Santa Claus on the Christmas day, just read how Nicholas could become so famous that everybody remembers him on the Christmas day, to get a tip.

You may watch following video to ascertain whether you get some clue to settle for some good ultimate goal of your life.

  1. The Story of Jan Koum – the Founder of WhatsApp

Only a few days my brother-in-law shared some pictures of the sunset as seen at the beach of Florida where he had gone for a vacation on our Whatsapp group. I thanked the person who gave Whatsapp to the world. How could I have seen how sunset looked like at Florida had he not given Whatsapp to the world?

But it is a long story that tells how he came out with the idea of Whatsapp. Just watch the following video. Who knows you may get some clue for your ultimate goal?

Here are some more videos of the same type.

     3. The story of Steve Job – the Founder of Apple

     4.  The story of Jeff Bezos – the Founder of

Our destiny comes to us in the form of dots scattered all over. The dots shall not join up themselves for us. We have to join them ourselves as these people had joined.

Of course, our destiny comes to us in a closed envelope.

No one can read it till you open it and find out its contents.

If somebody ever asked me what was the ultimate goal of my life, my answer would be, “To leave my signatures behind me in some form – doesn’t matter even if it were in the form of just an article published in some journal such as ‘Life Sciences’ “.





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