Rightly speaking to what extent we may genuinely rely on astrology?

Though nowadays almost all over the world, Gregorian calendar is being used almost in all countries since fifteenth century there was lot of confusion about the dates since every country used to date their events according to their own calendars.

As such astrology uses the cosmic calendar – which specifies the time in the term of the position occupied by various zodiac planets (known as Grahas in Vedic astrology) and various zodiac stars (known as Nakshatras) in the sky – not in the term of dates and months as in these calendars.

So they, very wisely, record the time of the birth of the natives (people who seek some advice based on astrology) on a chart known as “Natal Chart” which shows the position of these stars in the sky in the following manner.

To specify which star is located where in the sky, the band of the sky located between 9° north and 9° south of the path the Sun appears to trace around the Earth has been divided into 30° wide twelve houses.  The patch of the sky lying beneath the eastern horizon in the opposite hemisphere is known as the first house, the next patch of the sky just below it is known as the second house and so on. Thus the seventh house is at the western horizon in the upper hemisphere.

Each house is further divided into nine segments, known as Navamsas, each of 3 degrees and 20 minutes width and the location of a planet is specified in term of the Navamsa in which it may be situated – really a neat job done by them.

This chart enables them to calculate the position of these stars on any subsequent date. Up to this point, there is absolutely no snag in astrology but beyond this point everything goes haywire.

We can, no doubt, calculate what position the stars shall occupy on any subsequent date but we can’t surmise what would happen in anybody’s life base on their position in these houses.

For instance, we don’t know on what basis they should have assumed that various patches of sky (houses) shall determine which aspects of the life – leave alone the way they decided about such aspects for each house.

The same way, it also does not have any basis to spell out what impact the presence of some star (Graha, Nakshatra and the and the constellation) in any of the houses on the aspects of life assigned by them to these houses.

Though we don’t know on what basis the protagonists of astrology should have determined which house should relate to which aspects of the life but it is well known that they, first of all, decided which house shall relate to which aspects of the life on the following pattern.

You would be able to see for yourself from the manner in which they went through it, by seeing the mess they created in case of the following houses (two of them) and following planets (two of them).

The aspects ascribed to the first house, termed as the house of Self.     

This is the most important house in the chart and plays an important role right throughout the life of an individual. It represents the physical stature, complexion, form and shape of an individual. The health, vigour, vitality and natural tendencies are controlled by this house. This also represents personality, jest for life, honour, dignity, well being, upper part of the face, longevity and start in life.

The aspects ascribed to the second house, termed as the house of Wealth    

All money matters are governed by this house. Fortune, profits and gains, power and resources, security, material achievements, jewellery, shares, security, speech, eyes, vision, stocks and bonds, precious stones, memory, education, tongue, nose teeth, chin and family are governed by this house. This is also a “Maraka Sthana” or a death-inflicting house and so on.

The same way they defined what may be the traits of various zodiac planets on us on the following pattern.



Sun is a symbol of spirit. It is considered as soul of kalapursha. Sun is considered as king of all planets. Possibly, Sunday is kept as a holiday everywhere so that people are able to worship Sun on Sundays. Sun represents lord Brahma with his four faces causing the four seasons and four elements (Fire, Air, Earth, Water). The Sun offers us power of resistance and vitality. It rules our consciousness. It gives us force and will power and makes one deterministic and decisive.

Sun is hot, dry, masculine and positive planet. He is god of Fire and fiery in nature. Sun is lord of East direction and governs summer season (June-July). His colour is orange. Sun represents father of the native, kings, the government and those in authority.

Sun gives the native “honey coloured eyes” and “large and round face”. It makes colour of body and hair lighter in shade and gives a bilious temperament. Parts of the body ruled by Sun are heart, head, brain, right eye in males and left eye in females, bones, mouth, spleen, throat, lungs, arteries, blood and its circulation.

When Sun is afflicted it makes the native arrogant, mean, boastful, irritable, jealous, wavering temperament, angry, proud and immoral.

When Sun is beneficial it gives boldness, commanding ability,  fame, status, dignity, vitality, energy, happiness, royal appearance, optimism, power, success, good health, warmth, affection, good temperament, respect to elders, honour from government and wealth.


The diseases indicated by Sun are heart problems, epilepsy, cerebral disorders, meningitis, aphasia, polypus, eye disease, high fever, baldness, low blood pressure, and sunstroke.


The products represented by Sun are rice, groundnut, coconut, almonds, chillies, wheat, lavender, saffron, jaggery, pungent taste juice, orange, asafoetida, cardamoms, poison, laurel, vermin, cedar, marigold, pod grains etc.


Sun represents all majestic animals like lion, boar, horse, and serpents. It also represents Lark, swan, nightingale and other singing birds.


Sun represents places like mountains, forests, Shiva temples, fortresses, government buildings, public offices like District Boards, panchayats etc.



Moon is negative, giving changeable and elastic nature and rules over personality and form. Moon is considered as mind of kalpurush. Moon is the queen of solar system. She is the Virgin Mary of the Roman Catholics and the mother of the Heavens. While the Sun pours spirit and life to all planetary bodies, the moon governs over the life of the living beings on the earth. She is the Luna (Diana), the Queen of the night. She is the Goddess and also a huntress. She governs chastity as well as fertility.


Moon is a cold, moist, feminine, changeable, receptive and negative planet. She is lord of North–west direction and governs Rainy season (August – September). Moon is watery in nature. Her colour is silvery white or sea–green. Her chief domain is over the mind, the sleep and all fruits and flowers. She rules over the multitude, the masses, travelling, female relatives, commerce, business, and such professions which deal in liquids. She rules over the place of residence.

Physical Features:

Moon gives the native corpulent body, white complexion, lovely eyes, black and thin hair, tender speech and mild temper. Parts of the body ruled by moon are left eye of the male and the right eye of the female, breasts, oesophagus, stomach, uterus, ovaries, lymphocytes, bladder and synovial fluid. While waxing moon rules over the arteries, motor-nerves and the muscles the waning moon rules the veins, sensory-nerves, sense-organs and the glands.


When Moon is afflicted she makes the native unfortunate, sick in infancy and old age, deformed, impulsive, over anxious, indecisive, rash, depressed and pessimistic.

When Moon is beneficial she gives high position in public life, good family life, courtesy, amiable nature, easy–going and pleasing personality, timorousness, desire for wealth and worldly things, interest for psychic subjects and taste for all delicious fruits.


The diseases indicated by moon are lunacy, eye-disease, paralysis, hysteria, epilepsy, colic, cough and cold, measles, intestinal problems, dyspepsia, hydrocele, diseases caused due to excess of drink, bronchitis, asthma, tumours, nervous debility, dysentery, cancer and typhoid.


The products represented by moon are oranges, melon, white poppy, cucumber, palm, mushroom, algae, pumpkin, mercury, sugarcane, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, betel leaves, herbs, salt, rice, cream, foreign liquor, fruit juice, pearls and curd.


Moon represents animals like dog, cat, mouse, amphibious creatures and horse. She also represents goose, crab, duck, water- bird, tortoise, owl and oyster.


Moon represents places like mountains, fortresses, ocean, river and the place of residence etc.

You would have noticed all traits are based on only stipulations which do not issue any Appealing vibes about their being sacrosanct.

In plain words, we may say they filled up the shopping bag of the astrology with only so-to-say garbage.

Thenceforth, they assumed that though the position of these stars remains the same in the sky for everyone, their impact on the life of an individual depends on his/her following specifics.

  • Ascendant Sign – the zodiac constellation that may have been in the first house when he/she was born.
  •  Sun sign – the zodiac constellation that may have been apposite Sun at the time of his/her birth in the manner as it is apposite Leo in the following diagram.

Diagram showing position of the Sun of a person whose Sun-sign may be Leo.png

  • Moon sign – the zodiac constellation that may have been apposite Moon at the time of his/her birth.

All they had to do now was to collect enough data that could tell them what would be the impact of any planet sitting in some particular house and the Nakshatra or the constellation that may be also residing in the same house  on various aspects of life of the people of various ascendant signs, sun-signs and moon-signs.

So they took up the task of studying which patch of the sky affected which aspects of the life and prepared a detailed thesis.

After having gone that far, now all that was to be done to answer the query of a client was to identify which house or houses had to be studied and, then, to find out the collective impact of the planets, nakshatras and the constellations situated in those houses based on the master-data they had collected in the form of a thesis.

It is really pitiable that the astrologers did not feel any necessity of updating the thesis that had been prepared more than two thousand years back though rightly-speaking, it should have been updated as the modes of transports improved, as the life-saving drugs were developed, the systems of videography, sonography and online conferencing etc got into place.

Now, let us come to the main point – “To what extent we should rely on astrology?”

The fact is, they did not record the level of accuracy while collecting the mater-data.  If the data collected them had a coherence of only 40 percent – obviously we can rely on the predictions made based on such data also to that extent only.

Astrology does not serve much of useful purpose unless astrologers also tell the clients to what extent they may rely on the predictions made by them.

Anyway it is better – late than never.

If they don’t want astrology to die its own death, they should start keeping a record of the accuracy of the predictions made by them based on the master-data available with them so that they may be in a position to tell their clients clearly to what extent they should rely on their predictions, also.




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