What Should Be the Ultimate Goal of Our Life?

Just think what makes us feel happy. Nothing shall make us happier in our life if we never felt that we have not done anything useful or worthwhile in our life.

The ultimate aim of my life is, therefore, to spend my life in a manner that I may never feel that I simply wasted my life. In the end, nothing exasperates us more than the sadness of the feeling that we failed to do anything worthwhile in our life.

But it is also true that all of us can’t possibly do what Ratan Tata has done this year by way of donating 1000 crore rupees for the benefit of cancer patients.

Yet it is not that we can’t do anything at all.

All of us can do something to avoid such a feeling. Of course we have to find what we can do keeping in mind our capabilities and our resources.

None of us would get a chance to live our life all over again. So we should aim at living our life in such a manner that we never develop a feeling that we have wasted whole of our life by not doing any good thing in our life.

If we knew and did what was necessary to do not have a bad taste in our mouth, surely all of us can hope to feel happy in our life.

No poor man likes to remain poor all his life. No hungry man likes to remain hungry all his life. No illiterate man likes to remain illiterate all his life.

But there are two types of poor people in the world – those who can themselves plan a strategy and become rich in their life such as Dhiru Bhai Ambani and those who are not capable of planning a strategy. Such people have to be helped out by others who are capable of helping them.

Though no single man may be able to change the fate of all deprived people of the world we at our individual level can surely change the fate of at least some deprived people of the world and if everyone tried to contribute to this cause the count of the deprived people would no doubt come down day by day.

Surely that is one way to get rid of the feeling that we have wasted our life. We may help the depressed class of the society in whatsoever manner we may be able to help it besides fulfilling the primary aim of supporting our family if we have passed through the student-life and have entered the second phase of our life – the phase of earning money for ourselves and for our family.

If nothing else, we may write some good inspirational books for the benefit of others based on our own experiences as I have done.

I have written following two books with this objective,

  1. “Taking a Lesson from the Mistakes of Others” published in year 2102 by Lakshmi Publications Pvt. Limited, New Delhi.

Any fool would learn from his own mistakes. But to become wise through our own mistakes can’t be called wisdom. This book tells what we may learn from the mistakes of others so that we don’t commit such mistakes ourselves in our life.

  1. “The Mathematics of Uncertainties” published in year 2016 by notionpress.com, Chennai.

The fear what may happen in our life keeps on haunting all of us. Though astrology had been developed as a remedial measure but it did not serve any useful purpose. This book was written to let people understand how best they can cope with the fear of the uncertainties in their life.

All of us have our own limitations. For instance all of us can’t become Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein.

Though we may not be competent to invent things like Internet or lay down Metro Rail to ease out the congestion on the roads of some city but definitely all of us can do our bit in our own way as I have done.

Of course I would suggest that we should not wait till the last day of our life.

We should apportion our ultimate goal in three parts.

  1. The part of goal we have already accomplished.
  2. The part of goal on which we are currently working.
  3. The part of goal reserved by us for future.




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