All religions profess that God is omnipotent.

Though it may sound very incredulous on the face of it – actually the massive frittering away of the solar energy into space weighs very heavy against such a belief.

To believe it, just have a close look at the following diagram.


It appears on the page 23 of my book “Existence of God” published by USA based Partridge India.

The five arrows pointing upwards and the five arrows pointing downwards represent the quantum of the sun-rays that do not fall on any of the planets of our solar system and leave our solar system for good to get lost till they become too feeble to travel any further.

It portrays God in very poor shape.

If God would have been omnipotent he would have done something to have saved so much energy (almost 99.999 percent of the energy emitted by the sun) from getting frittered away.

Instead of allowing it to get permanently lost he should have ensured that it got scavenged and got funnelled back into the system.

If he is omnipotent, how he could have allowed so much of wastage?

The sun is constantly losing its mass at a rate of about 4 million tonnes per second (as mentioned at by way of converting it into solar energy according to the equation E = m.Cever since it should have come into existence and would keep on losing its weight at more or less the same rate  till it gets extinct.

May be he is using this energy but astronomy has not been able to get any hint of any such process so far.

I wish somebody discovered during my lifetime itself that the energy that escapes our solar system is put into use and is not allowed to go down the drain so that when I die I may not feel guilty of assuming that god is not omnipotent.


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