Metempsychosis (Reincarnation)

Though science has been able to lay hands on practically all secrets of nature it has not been able to unravel the secret of the souls yet despite record-breaking evidences collected by the famous psychiatrist Dr. Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia and his assistants Dr. Jim B Tucker and Dr. Walter Semkiw intensively covered by them in their books on reincarnation.

They have done intensive research to quell doubts people have had and still have by telling if souls do not exist how some people are able to describe about their past lives.

Actually our souls only carry the memory of our past life and they transfers the memory of the past life at time of their reincarnation.

If you are thinking that it has not been established yet whether there is at all any thing like reincarnation, well just have a look at the following sites.

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It would allay your all doubts about reincarnation.

There are many things that can not be explained only by thinking that we inherit only the genes of our parents because had it been so simple, all twins or triplets born to the same parents should have never had had exhibited the characteristics that may not have any resemblance with the characteristics of their parents.

So it gives us a hint that they perhaps inherit something other than the genes also.

Though our facial looks, our height, the color of our skin, the color of our irises or the hair, the timbres of our voice and the styles of our gaits match the facial looks, the height, the color of the skin or the irises and the hair, the timbres of the voices and the patterns of gaits of our parents because we inherit their genes our entire personality is not shaped only by the genes because quite often even the habits and the aptitudes as well as the attitudes of the twins and triplets born to the same parents are found to be at variance. Such variance can’t be attributed to the mutation of the genes. There has to be some other reason of such variances.

Children may inherit the souls of only such persons who may not be any more alive.

Here is a case that is would tell you how we get a hint that twins act differently only because they inherit different souls.

I have myself observed that one of the twins born in a family very well known to me, a boy, used to call the maid servants of the house every day before going to sleep and ask them to keep a tumbler of water by his bedside when he was hardly three or four years old but the other twin, her sister never called her maid servants to do so.

Generally only some elderly people are in the habit of keeping a glass of water by their bed side when they go to sleep. But what astonished me in this case was the fact that neither the father of the child had the habit of keeping a glass of water by his bedside, nor his mother. Though the servants obeyed his instructions but they used to forget to keep a glass of water by his bedside if he did not ask them to do so. They would keep a glass of water only when he would call them and ask them to bring a glass of water for him. This process continued for almost a year or so. But due to lackadaisical attitude of the servants, the child gradually stopped asking them to keep a glass of water by his bedside.

Surprisingly not only his parents, even any of his uncles or aunts did not have the habit of keeping a glass of water by their bedsides at the bedtime. What do you think, from whom he might have picked this habit because even any of his aunts or uncles or cousins didn’t have this habit?

Could we not say, when the boy was born he might have inherited the soul of somebody who may have had the habit of keeping a glass of water by his bedside while going to sleep? He couldn’t have inherited the soul of his parents as his parents were alive when he was born. So he could have inherited the soul of only somebody who may have already left the world because the soul does not part us as long as we are alive.

The concept of reincarnation had originated in India more than five thousand years ago. According to Hindus, our bodies are merely robes of our souls. The souls give up their robe when a person dies and acquire a new robe in the form of a new body in succession. When we use the word “we”, we actually refer to our soul not the body. Since we are not in a position to see our soul, we confine our perceptions only to what we can see, our bodies.

The case of Ravi Shankar reported by Dr Ian Stevenson, the professor of the University of Virginia, USA in his book, had a big scar as a birth mark on the back side of his neck exactly where he had been knifed by one of his relatives in his past life lends further strength to the theory of reincarnation since this boy was able to recall the incident of his past life and the doctors’ team had gone to the place where the boy told them that he had been hit by a knife on his nape to verify whether it was so.

A photograph of this scar can be seen by you even on the Internet, at the site of University of Virginia.

When the team of Dr. went to the place where this boy had told them that he had been killed by one of his relatives by attacking him with a knife the local people confirmed that somebody had killed someone there, a few years back as had been described by the boy. This research thus lent credibility to the concept of rebirths through reincarnation of souls. This team has also confirmed that some children are able to vividly recall incidents of their past life till the age of four or five years but gradually forget about their past lives over a time.

Of course they don’t seem to have answered why every child should not be able to recall the incidents of their past life. Maybe, only such children are able to recall the incidents of past life who inherit the souls of the persons who may have been done to death before their due dates of death.

What surprises us about Ravi Shankar is who should have passed on the information about the place where he had been knifed in his past life to him? It takes us back to the concepts of souls. Who else but his soul could have passed on such information to him? We of course don’t know how they carry such information with them when they part someone at the time of his or her death. But surely his soul would have carried the information about this incident and would have not only loaded this information into the memory of the boy it would have also ensured that he had a scar as an evidence that he had been killed by a knife. That the foetus should have developed a scar on the back of its neck is something quite intriguing. But it endorses that nature has some system in place that enabled the formation of the scar exactly at the place where he had been wounded in his past life at the time of his death.

Though this boy had a birth mark exactly where he had been stabbed, we may like to know why everybody who is stabbed like him in past life should not have a birth mark just like him. This is no doubt a valid inquiry. It is possible that all of us have a pre-prescribed life span and only those of the people may be having such birth marks that may have been done to death before such time since Nature is not expected to have different rules for different people.

Some souls get reincarnated in well-to-do families while many of them get reincarnated only into moderate families. Hindus have come up with the concept of past karmas to explain this phenomenon. According to them the type of family in which we are reborn, depends on the karmas of the person in whom our soul may have resided prior to its reincarnation. So our past-life karmas only entitle us to get born into a well-to-do family or a moderate family.

We, of course, never know whose soul we may inherit. Even if we solve the mystery of souls we may perhaps never be able to find out who may be deciding whose soul may be allotted to whom. Yet we have to believe that existence of souls is not a fib of imagination only.

I may describe a ceremony that attests the existence of souls. I had participated in such ceremony in 1961 when I had joined the Hardwar Unit of Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. after getting transferred from the Tiruchirappalli Unit.

In this ceremony a boy had invited a soul to answer the queries of some of our neighbors and their friends who had gathered in the house adjacent to our house. The boy had kept a wooden board over a table, had sprinkled some flour or chalk-powder over the board, written the numbers of the calendar-days “1 to 31” and the names of the days “Monday to Sunday” around the periphery of the board. He also wrote “Yes” and “No” on the left and the right side of the center of the board and kept an empty dish with its face turned upside down at the center of the board. Then he had closed his eyes with his face turned upwards toward the ceiling of the room with the motive of inviting some soul which might have answered the queries of the persons who had gathered there, pressing down the dish with the tip of his finger requesting the soul to get seated under the dish. When a soul arrived he told us that he could feel that some soul had arrived because it had lifted the dish one or two millimeters above the board.

Initially he himself asked the soul some simple questions such as, “What is the sum of 3 and 4?” or “What day it is, a Tuesday or a Wednesday?” Since it gave correct answers to such questions by moving the dish toward the right number or the right day written on the board he thanked the soul for having accepted the invitation. Otherwise he would have begged the soul to excuse him and retreat and would have solicited some other soul to accept the invitation till some satisfactory soul did not accept his invitation. Finally he requested the gathering to come close to the table to ask their questions one by one. The soul started answering their questions by moving the dish either toward some number or some day or “Yes” or “No” written on the board.

The questions people generally asked were either about their own future prospects or in which year their daughter or son may get married or when their son or daughter may get promoted or whether they could expect to get a lucrative job overseas.

At the end of the session, the boy who had conducted the show, thanked the soul and requested it to retreat. I would have perhaps not believed my eyes had I not got a chance to witness the same type of ceremony even at Lucknow after a gap of few years.

Anybody who may have seen such ceremonies would have noticed that:

  • Though we can neither see, nor touch the souls but they very much appeared to have arrived from somewhere.
  • Each soul seems to have its own identity because some of the souls had not been able to give correct answers.

The souls can lift the bowls or dishes a few millimeters into the space and propel them to sail in all directions to answer the queries.

  • The souls can understand the language in which the participants may speak to them.
  • Souls are not only able to understand the script in which the numbers 1 to 31 or the week-days and “Yes” or “No” may have been written on the board, they could even remember where exactly such numbers etcetera had been written on the board or see where the same may have been written on the board through the opaque dish under which they may have been requested to sojourn.

The scientists have never believed in the past that any material could be even invisible. But their view has changed after they have been able to develop invisible materials, known as meta-materials by changing their molecular structures. Now they agree that many of the things they had been openly ridiculing earlier may not be actually ridiculous. So they do not rule out the possibility of the existence of souls any more. So they no more doubt the existence of the souls simply because we can’t see them.

We have to only find out why the data carried by them does not disintegrate even for years together till they repatriate.

However it is difficult to believe that souls may be capable of seeing or listening anything. Souls are actually akin to USB Flash Drives in the sense, souls also take a backup of the memory of people when they die, retain the backup intact till they get an opportunity to transfer their contents to the fetuses of the next beneficiaries the same way as we take backup of computer-files on a Flash Drive to transfer the files of a computer to another computer. But Flash Drives can’t do any calculations or process any data. If we extend same logic to the souls we may draw a conclusion that the souls may also not be in a position to do any calculations to answer any queries. Yet souls are able to answer the queries. But it should not astound us.

The souls may be getting connected to the eyes of some person standing nearby to see, ears of somebody to hear and the brain of somebody to think using some technology akin to the Bluetooth technology.

But surely if the souls may be doing so, it may not be safe for the people whose eyes, ears or brains they may be connecting themselves. If souls can’t see, hear or think themselves there cannot be any other way of seeing, hearing and  thinking other than the possibility of their getting connected to the eyes, ears and the brains of others.

Though it may amaze us today but don’t we know there are so many things that used to amaze us in the past but now we don’t get amazed by them?

So one day, surely we would not be amazed any more when some scientists may themselves endorse the truth of the souls as had been described by Indian sages more than two millennia back.



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