Is It Possible to Correctly Predict Future Events of Our Life Through Astrology?

I kept on thinking for hours over it.

I had following three snippets in my mind to work upon.


This a snippet of a married man, whom an astrologer had told about twenty five years back that according to his stars he could not have “Stree Sukh” in his life.

In Hindi, the term “Stree Sukh” implies the bliss a man can derive through intimate relationship with a woman.

This man did not believe the astrologer. Till such time when this astrologer did not tell him about his stars, he had never thought of any such possibility.

But gradually the truth started prevailing over him like dark clouds hovering over his head. God knows, what transpired but this man is almost in a coma.

He has not been able to come to terms with the possibility that Vedic astrology empowers a man to see through the stars of a native ( the man or the woman whose horoscope is read by an astrologer) the same way as a man can see his face in a mirror?

According to this snippet we can say, “Yes”.


This snippet relates to a Punjabi astrologer of pre-partition days of India.

He got his daughter married to a young man after carefully matching his horoscope with the horoscope of his daughter who  met with a road accident within the first month of their marriage and both of them died on the spot.

This snippet should be good enough to smash anyone’s faith in astrology.


This snippet relates to a woman who had fallen in pit dug by some gardeners in a park. She went to an orthopaedic surgeon who confirmed that her leg had a hairline fracture. So he laid plaster on her leg.

But one day, her family-astrologer passed that way and remarked, “What happened to your leg? Who has plastered it? There is no Sanyog (possibility) of fracture in any of your bones according to your stars.”

He insisted that she removed the plaster and took a fresh X-ray.

She had so much faith in this astrologer that she took no time to get the plaster removed and got a fresh X-ray done.

It came as a big surprise to everyone when it came to be known that a hair had fallen in the tray when the doctor was washing the X-ray film which had misled him to think she had a hairline fracture while actually she did not have any fracture at all.

What is startling in this case is that the astrologer had been able to tell very specifically that she could have not had a fracture in any of her bones.

This snippet reposes the faith in astrology.

The final picture emerges that it is difficult to say whether we should have faith in astrology or not.

May be some parts of astrology had been very meticulously worked out but it may have not been the case for all the aspects that pervade through our life.

But we can understand how astrology works with the following analogy.


As we all know, in astrology, the ecliptic circle has been divided into twelve segments, each segment 30° wide and the stretch of sky lying within 9° south of the ecliptic and 9° north of the ecliptic is known as “zodiac houses”.

When we look toward these houses down from the place where we may be standing on the earth, we can see which house Sun may be passing through at that time as shown in the following diagram.

Diagram showing presence of Sun and Leo in same House.png

Referring to Vedic astrology, the way the Sun is situated in the house Leo in this diagram, we can also find out in which houses the other eight astrological planets (We are calling them astrological planets because astronomy does not call them planets) Mercury, Venus, Moon, Rahu, Ketu, Mars, Jupiter an Saturn may be situated.

According to astrology, everything, let us call it “event”, that takes place in our life at any time depends on:

  1. Our Ascendant Sign.
  2. Our Natal Chart – which shows which astrological planets may have situated in which houses at the time of our birth.
  3. The astrological planets occupying various houses at the time under purview.

Just imagine, you are standing on a railway platform waiting for  your train to come but you do not know whether it is coming on time or it is late by a few hours.

Railway Platform.jpg

Arrival of the train may be regarded as the event under purview.

Now supposing the roof of the platform has twelve trusses, T1 thru’ T12 (the same way as the sky has twelve houses) and there are nine monkeys, M1 thru’ M9 (the same way as we have nine astrological planets), who keep on jumping under the roof from one truss to another truss all the time and somebody tells you if the monkey M1 may be sitting on the left side of the truss T3 and the monkey M5 may be sitting on the right side of the truss T8 the train would arrive on time. But if the monkey M7 may be sitting on the truss T3 and the monkey M9 may be sitting on the truss T7 the train would arrive late by three hours if it is coming from the left side and late by two hours if it may be coming from the right side.

Though it may appear quite funny to begin with but it truly explains what we expect from astrology.

Just tell me, do you think the trusses on which monkeys may be sitting has any thing to do with the time of arrival of the train or the direction from which it may be coming?

The same way as monkeys have nothing to do with the time of arrival of the train, positions of various planets in the sky also don’t have anything to do with the events that may occur in our life.

In Vedic astrology, we check the positions of not only nine so-called planets but 27 Nakshatras (fixed stars) also. The analogy may be extended to the Nakshatras also by treating them as 27 pigeons the same way as the planets have been treated as monkeys.  

Let us call it the first flaw of astrology.


Now just think, can you change your ascendant sign? You can’t.

Can you change the astrological planets  that may have occupied various zodiac houses at the time of your birth? You can’t.

Can you change the occupants (the astrological planets) of various zodiac houses at the present moment of your life? You can’t.

Does it not imply that you can’t change anything that may be happening in your life?

Do you think you really can’t change anything that may be happening in your life at any moment?

Sounds absurd, isn’t?

We may call it the second flaw of astrology.


“Ascendant Sign” is one of the important insignias of astrology.

Various constellations rise in the horizon more or less according to the following calendar these days.

So the Ascendant Signs should be assigned according to this table only.

Dates between which various constellations ascend.png

But the astrologers assign the Ascendant Sign the same way as they had been assigning two and a half millennia back, as follows.

Aries — March 20 to April 20
Taurus — April 21 to May 21
Gemini — May 22 to June 22
Cancer — June 23 to July 22
Leo — July 23 to Aug. 22
Virgo — Aug. 23 to Sept. 22
Libra — Sept. 23 to Oct. 22
Scorpio — Oct. 23 to Nov. 22
Ophiuchus — Not included in the Zodiac
Sagittarius — Nov. 23 to Dec. 22

Capricorn — Dec. 23 to Jan. 21
Aquarius — Jan. 22 to Feb. 20
Pisces — Feb. 21 to March 19

Over the past 2200 years the precession of the earth has caused the intersection point between the celestial equator and the ecliptic to move west along the ecliptic by 36 degrees, or almost exactly one-tenth of the way around, to the border of Pisces and Aquarius. So the signs have slipped one-tenth — or almost one whole month — of the way around the sky to the west, relative to the stars that form various constellations as endorsed by Pedro Braganca in the article “Astrology: Why Your Zodiac Sign and Horoscope Are Wrong” which appeared at on September 20, 2017 in Live Science.

Has anything more to be said about the Ascendant Sign?

If you are not able to assign even your Ascendant Sign correctly, do you have the teeth to say, you can predict anything correctly about what is going to happen in someone’s life?

Getting jittery?

Would you like to go deeper into the jungle for a hunt?


Just have a look at the following table. It shows how various aspects of life (termed “mundane areas of life” in the diagram).

Chart Showing Mundane Atributes of Zodiac Houses.png

Just tell me how you can say that the first house should necessarily corroborate to “Health and longevity” and the second house should corroborate to “Education, Health, Elocutionary Powers, Matters related to Family, Face, Eyes and Type of Food” and the same way the aspects covered under other houses?

Did it have any basis?

It had been just thought to have been so?

Some planets are supposed to be male and some of them female.

The astrological planets shown in the fifth column have been assumed to have malefic effect on the occupants of the various houses and the astrological planets shown in the sixth column have been assumed to have benefic effect on the occupants of various houses.

Astrologers calculate the malefic and benefic impact of all the planets of all residents of all the houses on such of the aspects as are listed under the fourth column. The astrologers tell which dates are auspicious or inauspicious based on such calculations.

Now tell me if you may have been called for an interview for a job at say 10 o’clock on some date and according to astrology it is an inauspicious time for you, would you not go for the interview?

Or supposing you have to appear for your board examinations for a fortnight as per timetable given to you, would you not appear for some subjects on the dates that may not be auspicious for you according to astrology?

So we can’t take decisions based on the benefic-ness or the malefic-ness of the dates in our life based on astrology nowadays.

Telling what may be malefic or what may be benefic is all but old talk.

Who can ever find out the auspiciousness of a date or the inauspiciousness of the dates that may be inauspicious according to astrology?

For instance if an astrologer told you, which dates were auspicious for your marriage and you got married on one of these dates, can you at all ascertain whether it would have been inauspicious to have got married on one of the dates that he had told you were not auspicious?

So finding out which dates may be auspicious or inauspicious does not serve any useful purpose at all.


Astrologers use the gimmicks of matching of the horoscopes.

If it should be necessary to get the horoscopes of the would-be husband and the wife to ascertain whether their marriage would be a happy or an ominous marriage or not, why it should it not be necessary to get our horoscope matched with the horoscope of the person who may be going to be our boss when we join any new organisation after completing our studies? Even supposing it may be better to get the horoscopes matched may we ever ask our boss to give us his or her horoscope for getting it matched with our horoscope?

We spend so much of our time with our brothers and sisters in our life, but has any astrologer at all asked you to get their horoscope matched with your horoscope?

No, simply because we don’t have any choice there. We have to accept them as our brothers and sisters.

The same is the case with most of other people with whom we interact in our life.

So we have to learn the proper art of interacting with all sorts of people instead of getting their horoscopes matched with our horoscope throughout our life.

Now let us look at one more point.


Supposing you are travelling in a train and the train gets derailed and about forty passengers die and about hundred passengers get seriously injured.

Do you think according to the horoscopes, could all the people who may die have an indication in their horoscopes that would have led them to such an end?

Astrology may, at the best, tell us only what the stars may foretell – but not, what may happen in our life due to meteorology or seismology or due to rampant corruption at the bureaucratic level.

Floods may take toll of so many lives. Stars won’t tell us anything about such things.

Earthquakes and cyclones may take toll of so many lives. Stars won’t tell us anything about such things either.

Stars won’t tell us what may happen in our life due to riots or rowdiness of people.

The stars would occupy such positions as they may have to occupy according to their normal speeds of rotation for thousands of years but it is not so in case of our life. Our life has undergone a sea change even over the last sixty years. So the data that had been collected thousands of years back has become obsolete by now.

You can imagine, how far astrology can tell you anything correct if all it has with it is only outdated data.

Besides, astrology follows same rules of probability as are commonly applicable to statistics.

If what may be predicted according to astrology under certain position of the stars may come out “true” it has equal probability of coming out “false” also.

Now it is your turn to decide what is relevant – the snippets or what has been said of the astrology above.


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