We know souls depart when we die and there is often lot of time gap between the time of their departure after our death and the time of their getting reincarnated.

We also know that sometimes this time gap is pretty too long – even as long as seven years or eleven years as had happened in the case of, say, UK  lady Jenny Cockell described at the site http://reincarnationafterdeath.com/reincarnation-stories/.

This leaves us guessing what the souls may be doing during such a long intervening idle time which is just akin to what we may as well call the period of hibernation of the souls.

Surely they must not be sitting idle all along. Just think what they may be doing during the intervening time.

I guess they may be just gossiping among themselves about some of their favourite topics. I have often wondered what could be their favourite topics and have finally thought, “What the future could look like” may be one of their most favourite topics of gossiping and when I tell you what made me think so, you would also most probably agree with me since it is not merely a brain wave.


Just think how people like Baba Vanga or Nostradamus should have been able to think about the things that were going to happen in the world in the future?

They were no astrologers. They were no mathematicians. They knew nothing about astrology or mathematics. So they must have never been calculating about the things that could happen within next few decades or next few centuries, isn’t?

May be they had trained themselves to simply tune themselves to listen to some things only they could have listened.

I remember that in year 1953 or so when I was still a student of ninth class my father had brought home a Philco radio which showed the bands of even London, Moscow, New York, Washingtion, Tokyo and many other radio stations of the world and when everybody else would go to sleep I would just start tuning all such stations and quite often I was able to listen to even the wireless conversations of some people over the radio.

I have often wondered what the souls may be doing when they should be hibernating. Surely they may not be sitting idle.

You would be wondering I finally realized what they must be doing and how they may be passing their time.

This led me to assume that when the souls must be gossiping among themselves about what the future was going to look like their mutual gossips may also be getting relayed over some channels akin to the radio channels or the type of the wireless conversations I used to listen over my radio, such people may have learnt the technique of tuning themselves to listen such talks of the souls.

According to me just like us, souls also spend lot of their time only imagining about the type of things that may happen in future and their of thoughts also get relayed over some thought- channels much, the same way, as we transmit TV programmes over TV Channels.

When we piece together what the souls may be doing in their spare time and how people like Baba Vanga or Nostradamus s may be telling things such as the forty fourth President of the US could have been a man of African origin, we can come to such a conclusion as I should have come.


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