Astrology Doesn’t Take Care of All Types of Causes that Impact Our Life  


Since ages, we have been thinking that everything that happens in our life always has some cause behind it much the same way as every calamity is expected to have an epicenter.

So, it was quite natural for us to have meditated on the causes of the things that happen in our life and to find out whether we could have checked the occurrence of the malicious or malefic events.

Whatever we did to this end culminated into what we call “Astrology”.

We know since we are essentially social animals our destiny does not depend entirely upon only what may happen in our life but partially or wholly on what may happen in the life of the people with whom we socialize in our life, also.

It is also quite true that we may not be the sole progenitor of all the causes. Whatever may occur in our life may be consequential to the role of the progenitors of other causes also.

Sometimes what may appear to be the “causes” may not be the real causes. Yet we may believe such causes to be the real causes much the same way as the Big Bear that appears to be revolving around the pole star is actually not revolving around it. Even though it appears to be revolving around the pole star it appears so only because the earth on which we live is revolving around the Sun besides around its own axis.

However, the causes may be of the following types.

  1. The causes that are neither in our domain nor in the domain of anybody else. Such causes are figuratively represented by a red circle in the following diagram.

Factors that influence the type of life we lead.png

  1. The causes that may be in our own domain. Such causes are represented by a green circle in the diagram.
  2. The causes that may be in the domain of others. Such causes are represented by the blue circle in the diagram.

The events that occur in our life are shown in the yellow colour.

Let us look at the impact of all such causes on our life – one by one.

Impact of the Causes That Are Neither in Our Domain Nor in the Domain of Anybody Else

We don’t have any control over the type of childhood we may spend or may have spent. It depends on the type of family in which we may have born. It depends on the city in which we may have born and the country in which we may have born and whether the country in which we were born was passing through any turmoil when we were born or everything was placid.

For instance think of Anne Frank who had to live in a concentration camp of Adolf Hitler because she was born in the year 1929 at Frankfurt in a Jew family. Even though her father had shifted his family to Netherland the army of Nazi government hunted them out to send them to one of the concentration camps since they were exhuming all the Jews.

Could she have born in some other country a few years earlier or later or in a family that was not Jew?

She would have not been sent to a concentration camp if she would have not been a Jew.

In history, at no other time, anybody had taken such a stern step against Jews as during the regime of Adolf Hitler.

She would have not been tortured if she would have not born in Germany during those black days.

We could have not decided the date and the time of our birth when we may have born, the place where we may have born or the family in which we may have born.

According to Indian theology it is decided by the type of Karmas we may have performed during the past inning of our life. Even if we believed in this theology, since we can’t change the type of Karmas any more, it is something that is neither in our domain nor in the domain of anybody else. Yet it impacts on the type of life we may lead as illustrated through the following instance.

Let us look at the type of impact it had on the life of
Vicki Barnes as has been narrated by her in her answer to the query, “Have you ever experienced paedophilia and how did you cope later in life?
” reproduced below.

“My father was a paedophile. I was molested at the age of 11, and my sister lost her virginity at the age of 5.

“Being sexualized at an early age causes untold problems. I became extremely withdrawn and stopped growing for 7 years. I developed severe mood swings and was later diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. I had trouble staying with a job because it felt so good to just walk away from situations I felt trapped in. I had trouble trusting anyone, and had been seeing therapists and openly discussing my childhood since I was 16. I am now 63.

“My sister became very promiscuous at an early age. She began running away from home at the age of 11, and became pregnant at the age of 15. She’s had 5 children by 3 different husbands, and lost custody of 2 of them. To this day she says she’s never spoken about her experience with our father.

“To say that my sister and I hated our father is putting it mildly. We made a pact to get together and pee on his grave when he died, and then the son of a bitch was cremated.”

An Analysis from the Angle of Astrology

We can’t decide the type of parents we may have, the type of siblings we may have or the type of neighborhood we may have when we are born.

Right or wrong, astrology can tell only what may happen in our life based on the date and the time of our birth and the longitude and the latitude of the place of our birth but not why we should have taken birth at the time when we may have born or the place of our birth or the stage through which our country may have been passing when we were born into the family in which we may have born.

The ground reality is that what type of life we may lead is caused by the type of family in which we may have born more than anything else.

Do you think the astrologers who must have evolved astrology would have been able to lay hands on sufficient data of the position of various Grahas and various Nakshatras (fixed stars) the people born under which could expect to lead the type of life Vicki Barnes and her sister had led?

Without any prejudice I may say, “No, not at all”.

For the same reason astrology could have also not pointed out whether she could have developed bipolar disorder.

To have good parents or bad parents is neither in our hands nor in the hands of anybody else.

So such cases fly out of the trajectory of astrology, straight away.

Now let us look at the causes that are represented by the green circle.

We may go back to the profile of Vicki Barnes again.

Though to have had him as their father was not in their control, to have reprimanded him was very well within their control. I think they should have reprimanded their father when he was still alive by pulling him in the court. To have pulled in the court was very much in their hands. Question arises why she should have hesitated to go that far.

May be, she hesitated because she had bipolar disorder.

How he would even know, whether they took revenge by pissing over his grave?

Astrologers may come out with an answer that they may have shirked because their stars may have restrained them.

Actually even though we very well know why they should have shirked the astrologers divert our attention toward the stars.

What Is True About Astrology?

However, everything is not false about astrology.

For instance, it is true that even though about 260 children get born every minute in the world, all of them would lead a different life since even though all of them may have born at the same time the relative position of all Grahas (planets) in the sky as seen from the place of their birth would not be the same for any of them because all of them would have not born at the same place.

It is also true that if we know the position of various Grahas  in relation to various fixed stars we can calculate their position on any future or past date through astronomical calculations.

But what impact various positions of the Grahas may have is simply presumptuous – it had been arrived through a process of matching their various positions with the type of events that may have occurred in the life of various people. But we can’t generalize such observations and assume that there won’t be any exceptions.

The Impact of the Factors Which Are in the Domain of Other People

You would agree that the world is actually so big that we may not even know who is intending to do what – how deleterious to us or how beneficial to us. For instance we had not ever even met any of the people who have made our life so comfortable through Internet, through Photostat machines, through the smart phones and through so many other things such as cars, aeroplanes and GPS devices we use in our daily life.

You may be aware that though once we know the position of the Grahas at the date, the time and the place of birth of someone we can calculate their relative position at any future date at any place – what may happen in our life depends on the position of the Grahas as seen from the place where we may have gone. To elucidate it, even if we may have born in India if we may have migrated to, say, USA what may happen in our life in USA would depend on the position of the Grahas as seen from USA not from India.


  • Though some part of astrology is true the bulk of it is too far-fetched to be believed outright.
  • Though we may believe in the true part of astrology we should forget about the veracity of the other part.

Since part of our life is also controlled by others we can’t provide the horoscope of all of them to the astrologers to tell us precisely what impact their intentions may have on our life.

Obviously astrology does not cover the regimens of all the three circles that impact our life.

One More Reason Why We Should not Believe in Astrology

Yet there is one more reason that tells us why we should not believe in astrology.

Just think of any casualty such as the burning of the space shuttle by which Kalpana Chawla was returning back from her mission along with other astronauts while entering the stratosphere of the earth. No way, all the astronauts of her team would have had such a horoscope that could have led to the death of all of them.


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