About the Existence of Souls


Just read the latest research done by the scientists of the Harvard University on the location of the physical source of consciousness in the human brain at http://www.messagetoeagle.com/physical-source-consciousness-may-located-brain/.

We don’t know how long they may take to get to a decisive level but is it not true that we don’t have to feel our pulse to know whether we are alive or dead. We can know it even without feeling our pulse, through our consciousness irrespective of the time the scientists may take to identify which part of the brain may be wired to our consciousness.

The same is true of the souls.



Dr. Ian Stevenson and his team of the University of Virginia, USA have recorded a case of a child who had a big wound mark on his nape exactly where he had been struck with a knife from the back during his past life which they had verified by going to the place where he had described that he had been struck by one of his relatives during his past life, by enquiring from the people living there. How such information would have been passed on to the foetus of this boy? Can you at all think of any possibility other than the possibility of such information having been brought by anyone except his own soul?

They had collected such evidences of more than two thousand cases that serve as an irrefutable proof of the system of the transfer of the memories of the past lives to the children when the souls get reincarnated.


I know of a case of one of the twins who at the age of four used to ask the maids of the house to keep a tumbler by his bedside everyday while his twin sister did not ask the maids to do so even though their parents did not use to keep a tumbler of water at their bedside. Does it not hint that he may have inherited the soul of somebody who may have been keeping a tumbler of water by his bedside?

So, it is indisputable that the souls exist.

Only what we don’t know, is:

  • What is the constitution of the souls – vis-à-vis constitution of the DNAs? Though we know to a good deal about the constitution of the DNAs we are still quite in dark about the constitution of the souls.
  • How the souls may be carrying so much information about the events that may have happened in the life of someone at the time of his or her death which is transmitted to the foetuses of their next hosts or hostesses?

Though the constitution part of the souls has yet to be explored we may make following overtures regarding the manner in which they may be carrying such information with them.


It is well known to all of us that even though the roots of all plants and all trees suck the same ingredients from the soil the apple tree converts those very ingredients into apples while the strawberry bushes convert them into strawberries.

The salts and the minerals that the roots of apple tree extract from the soil and the salts and the minerals strawberry bushes extract from the soil are more or less the same. Yet the apple trees convert them into apples but the strawberry bushes convert them into strawberries.

The logic is much the same as in case of all the elements. All the elements, be it iron or the gold – are made of the same ingredients – the electrons, the protons and the neutrons.

Much on the same pattern, billions of different colors can be generated from the same primary colors – “red, blue and green” or “magenta, cyan and yellow”.

The same way, our souls may be capable of constructing such wave-patterns from the same electric fields, the magnetic fields and the gravitational fields the type of fields that create consciousness.

The same way, our souls may be capable of constructing such wave–patterns from the same electric fields, the magnetic fields and the gravitational fields that permeate the Universe to let us send our messages to others through telepathy and constructing such wave-patterns from the same that let us read what may be working in the mind of others when they may be trying to hide some facts from us or such wave-patterns that let them store what may be hidden in the memory of the deceased persons and carry all such information to be embedded in the minds of the foetuses of their next “hosts/hostesses”.

The same way as our body carries three meters long DNA molecules – it, perhaps, carries the molecules of the souls also.

However since we are able to neither see nor touch the souls, it is possible that the molecules of the souls may be consisting of the antimatter versions of the electrons, protons and neutrons instead of normal electrons, normal protons and normal neutrons.  

DNAs are presumably formed by the genes of our father and the genes of our mother but the souls are the carriers of the memories of our past life – the information they may have picked up about us when we had breathed our last during our previous inning.

Thus, much the same way, as all colors have only three primary ingredients – the primary colors, it appears that we also have three primary ingredients, namely:

  1. The genes of our father.
  2. The genes of our mother.
  3. Our soul.

Though it is quite startling that the information the souls carry with them about our previous inning does not get obliterated even if they may have been hanging around in the wild for even more than two decades as had happened in the case of Jenny Cockell waiting for their turn to get reincarnated we, undeniably, have a soul also besides the genes of our parents.


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