Have you ever thought, “What happens to our memory when we die?”

You may be in for a surprise that though we die, our memory does not die along with us.

It gets transcribed on some tissue (made of some antimatter) in the form of a QR code similar to the QR codes we are able to read on our smart phones using a barcode reader along with the file it has to load into the brain of the destined foetus perhaps with the only difference that only souls may read such QR codes.

I guess, when this tissue is inhaled by a pregnant lady the contents of the QR code get loaded into the memory cells of the foetus growing in her womb.

The fact that as had been researched by Dr Ian Stevenson and his team through more than two thousand instances that corroborate the concept of reincarnation, through their observation that

  • The claims of the children who claimed to be able to vividly remember where they had been living in their past life, who were their parents, siblings, wives and children had told had been verified to have been true.
  • The claims of the children who claimed that they remembered that they had been attacked with some knife or a gun by someone were not only found to have been true they even had wound-marks as birthmarks on their body exactly where they had been hit during their past life.

All such instances very loudly corroborate the concept launched by me that the memory does not die along with us. It only gets transferred when we get reincarnated.

Though the QR codes of the memory may not be facsimiles of the following type of QR codes it can’t be denied none of the children who could have narrated the events of their past life, could have done so unless the memory of their past lives would have got transplanted in their brains somehow.


So we are here with the concept of the QR codes of memory.

Such a thing may be possible only if the memory of the past life may be getting transcribed on some indestructible medium that may not be getting destroyed by the rains or the storms or munched by the birds or some of wild animals.

What do you guess, who would be protecting them from extinction?

I think the souls may be functioning as the custodians of the dead tissues having such QR codes inscribed on them.

We may, however, assume that the QR codes maybe coming back into life only when they may be getting transplanted.

They may be sleeping till they get a wake-up call.

The dead tissues may not be able to protect themselves. So hopefully something must be taking custody of the memories as long as they may be sleeping.

Let us assume that the souls may be taking care of such dead tissues.



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