To be sure, when God would have sat in his saddle to create the Universe he must have not been aware of the Murphy’s Law that states, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” because, so far as we know, nothing seems to have gone wrong, that day.

This highlights the difference in God’s approach and our approach in life.

We believe in this Murphy’s Law but he did not.

If we think that everything may go wrong, everything may really go wrong because we precondition our mind that way. What finally matters in life is how we precondition our mind.

Our mind is the procreator of everything that happens in our life and the preconditioning of mind plays a major role in the game.

So let us guess – what may have been the difference in his approach and our approach.

Let us look at some of the real life incidents.

What is happening in India? We have too many political parties in our country and every party wants to wield power. But every party thinks, it can wield power by leg-pulling the political party that may be at the helm – only by creating chaos.

We have too many TV News Channels and every Channel airs debates on all possible current issues by calling some dignitaries. These Channels have become a playground for them to hold debates. This has given birth to a new cult – the TV cult.

They are promoting debates.

It was not so when God should have settled down on his cradle to create the Universe. He seems to have gone single-mindedly all along. He did what he thought was right. He may have not had a team of consultants around him to help him or guide him. Surely he would have been only consulting them if he would have cared for them too much.

He may have not had any opposition parties heralding slogans against him.

Perhaps, that is the single reason that is plaguing our country the most.

If we want to rise, we should take a lesson or two from our neighbouring country, China.

I shall not go into the details – what sort of lessons. It should suffice to say – such of the lessons that we should take instead of resorting to leg-pulling each other.

We should remember the joke that highlighted why none of the Indian cockroaches could win the competition in which they had been asked to climb the wall of a utensil. They did not win because every cockroach that followed them kept on pulling the cockroach in front of them from the hind.

That is what the leg-pulling may do.

All of us are good in only leg-pulling – nothing else.

You can imagine, where shall it take us?

So let us stop two things – Backbiting and Leg-pulling.

The day we stop backbiting and leg-pulling we shall alight the same plane the God may have alighted when he must have taken up the giant task of creating the Universe – all single-mindedly and with full concentration – without any opposition from any corner with no consultants around him.

Of course, we may not go all alone as he may have gone along. He had no choice. He may not have had anyone to have helped him. We, on the contrary, have lots of people around us who may help us.

He too would have not been able to create the Universe if he would have had so many backbiters and so many leg-pullers clamouring against him as our governments have.

Or if he too would have had so many opposition parties as our governments have or if he, too, would have had so many TV Channels hovering around him.

That explains why we, in India, are not able to make much headway.



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