The thing that fascinates me the most about my childhood days is the time I spent watching through a kaleidoscope. The memories still linger on in my mind – albeit in a different perspective.


Though many other fascinating memories also persist, the most fascinating memories are the mesmerising memories of what I used to see through my kaleidoscopes. I don’t know why but l can’t resist thinking that the whole world is just like a kaleidoscope only viewing the electric energy, the magnetic energy and the gravitational energy as its three mirrors and the events of the life as the broken pieces of the coloured glass bangles jacketed between its two circular pieces of clear glasses kept on the opposite side.

What we see in our life is just a mesmerising view of the same pieces of the bangles jacketed at the other end of the kaleidoscope. The view keeps on changing as we turn the kaleidoscope with our fingers round and round. The pieces of the bangles are the same yet we have a different view everytime – much the same way as we are able to make all possible colours of the world just by mixing the same three basic colours – red, yellow and blue.

Could we have believed that all colours can be arrived by mixing just three colours? Though it may also be unbelievable today, I am sure that all events can be also generated the same way by mixing the same ingredients in different proportions though perhaps much the same way as we don’t have only three pieces of bangles in a kaleidoscope we may be having more than three basic ingredients of events but, according to my belief, we may be having only a finite number of the basic events that make up all types of events.

No wonder, the world appears just like a kaleidoscope to me – of course, a kaleidoscope of a different sort.


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