After Discovering the GPS Grids of Our Brain Who May Cut the Gordian Knot of Telepathy?

Telepathic Session.jpg

According to me the day when May-Britt Moser, Edvard I. Moser and John O’Keefe were awarded Nobel Prize for having discovered how our brain works like a GPS device was a red-letter day in the history of mankind. This discovery opened the floodgates of the next discovery that is in the offing, “The discovery how our brain develops a link with the brains of others the way a mobile phone establishes link with other mobile phones” or, in other words, “How our brain is able to establish telepathic contact with others”.

The same way as we can’t deny that our brain is capable of working as GPS device we can also not deny that it is also capable of working like a mobile phone to communicate our feelings to our other acquaintances through Telepathy.

Supposing you may like to create a scene with someone in your imagination through Telepathy, you may create a 3-D image of the person in your vision even though he or she may be thousands of miles away from you and act in a manner with the same intensity as you would have acted if he or she would have been actually standing next to you and have a dialogue with him or her exactly in the same manner as you would have had in normal course more or less on the same pattern as you would have on your mobile phone.

Nowadays, it is not difficult to subsequently crosscheck and verify whether the other person with whom we may have tried to establish a telepathic link in this manner had received any sensation or stimulation in his or her mind on the same date and the same time when you may have tried to pass on your feelings to him/her or not – even over your cell phones.

Believe me, I have not only tried to communicate my feelings to someone in this manner myself I had even crosschecked later that he/she had actually received a hint of the type of feelings I had conveyed to him or her telepathically exactly on the same date and the same time when I had established such a link telepathically with him or her in my mind.

So our brain has a built–in system of working not only as a GPS device but also like a mobile phone, though the system of our brain is not as expedient as it is to use a mobile phone or a smartphone we always carry with us nowadays.

Now that we have established that our brain is able to work not only like a GPS device but even as a transmitter of our feelings telepathically, a hope has surged through our mind that sooner or later somebody may get a Nobel Prize for making such discovery also someday.

Just on another day, when I was reading what type of electromagnetic waves our brain is able to produce I came to know that our brain is able to generate five types of waves known as gamma, beta, alpha, theta and delta waves.

While I read through the post  I kept on wondering which type of waves our brain may be generating when we engage in a telepathic session.

If not any of these waves, our brain may be generating some other type of waves akin to these waves – not yet discovered. How about naming such waves “Omega Waves” ahead of their discovery?

Now that the Gordian knot of the GPS of our brain has been cut by these three Nobel Prize Winners through their discovery of the grid system of our brain that works like a GPS device we hope someone may cut the Gordian knot of Telepathy also sooner or later to bet for a Nobel Prize for the discovery of such waves as well.

That would be, no doubt, the next red letter day for us – an international day to celebrate?


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