Whenever we are in some trouble we just pray to God. We obviously pray in our own language. When we pray we don’t even think there are no less than 6000 distinct languages in which people converse with each other on our earth alone. It does not occur to us how God would understand so many languages. There may be at least 100 more earth-like planets in the Universe and the people living on those planets may be also not conversing in the same languages in which we may be conversing down on the earth.

If people of each of such earth may be also conversing in as many languages as on our earth, think of the number of the languages in which all the people of all such earths may be praying to him – the number goes up to a figure that would stagger our mind – languages far in excess of 600000 languages.

If you are not convinced about the number of languages that are spoken on our planet you better had a look at the URL

Just put yourself in the position of God for a while to understand his predicament. How can you expect him to get through so many languages?

If you think God would not be minding listening to the prayers in so many languages well think of the rate of the inflow of all such prayers.

The total population of our planet is already around 7.5 billion according to

If even 0.1 percent of it may be praying at a time just think how many prayers must be reaching him per second?

I would not help you in this. I hope you would not mind calculating yourself. Surely don’t forget, you have to multiply this figure by the number of the other earth-like planets also that may be in existence besides our planet.

Have you ever thought of the task he faces to understand what you may have prayed to him?

Of course, if he may be listening to all the prayers, surely he would have evolved some mechanism for it. What could be that marvellous mechanism?

Mind it, to pray to God is also a type of Karma, we perform. But that is not the only Karma we perform in our life.

If we add sugar in water it gets sweetened. Adding sugar was a type of Karma we performed. The result of this Karma, as we know, was – it sweetened the water. This was, however, a very simple example of the Karma and its result.

Everything we do in our life – is a form of Karma and we keep on seeing the results of our Karmas throughout our life.

Our Karmas may impact only us or some of other people as well – immediately or after some time.

We may perform some Karma and forget about it but it is also bound to end up in some result – sooner or later. Sometimes we reap the results even during our next life cycle – and sometimes in this life cycle itself.

Sometimes we are not able to reap the results – someone else reaps the results.

Quite often beside us, others also reap the results of our Karmas.

For instance, if we may set up an engineering college we may not study in it but quite others would be studying in it and benefitting from it.

This is yet again 0ne more example of the type of Karmas we may perform and the results that may accrue from our Karmas.

But the fact is, every Karma ends up in some result. It is quite a different story – who may see the results – we may not necessarily see the results ourselves. Much the same way, it is not necessary that only we may benefit by our good Karmas. Such Karmas may benefit even others. For instance, look at the benefits of Internet. Who had sown the seeds and who all are getting benefitted by it?

The same way, look at the benefits of the vaccines. Who had developed them and who all are getting benefitted by them?

We have to understand

  • Good Karmas end up in good results and bad Karmas end up in bad results.
  • All types of Karmas don’t take the shape of results instantly. There may be a gap of even several generations at times.
  • It is not necessary that only we may benefit or suffer due to our Karmas. We may perform three types of Karmas in our life – the Karmas that may benefit or harm only us, the Karmas that may not benefit or harm us but may benefit or harm only others and the Karmas that may benefit or harm not only us but may benefit or harm even others.

So what we reap in our life depends on the seeds we may have sown in our life.

Our life span may not be long enough to have let us witness the results of all of our efforts but good Karmas would result in benefits and, likewise, bad Karmas would end up only in harmful results.

So the results only vouch for the type 0f Karmas we may have performed in our life.

Thus we may sum up the concept of Karmas in following words.

  • We die but our souls don’t die. Our souls are able to see the results.
  • We can communicate with God through our souls only. There being myriad of languages – only our souls, work as interpreters on our behalf.
  • Our souls work as a time capsule of our life. Heartbeat by heartbeat our every activity gets recorded on this capsule. When we die, this capsule does not go with us. It maintains the continuum of life. We simply keep on discarding the old attire and acquire new attire every time.
  • Everything is cyclic in the Universe. Not only the earth revolves around the Sun once every year, we also revolve around our destiny once every lifetime.

The concept had been explained to us in the following manner by our parents.


“If we sow the seeds of an Acacia tree we can’t expect to harvest mangoes or apples. We may harvest only thorns.”


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