Many people think that Natalya Demnika is just a psychic. The purpose of science is to find out a scientific explanation 0f everything we come across in our life – not to ridicule it.

Just to call someone psychic because we are not able to understand how someone may be able to see the inner parts of the body through his/her eyes does not reflect a healthy sign.

It has been proved that she does not simply feign that she is able to see the inner organs of the body through her eyes. It is a failure of a sort to have not been able to understand the mystery.

Science is all about solving such mysteries. We can’t get anywhere by simply ridiculing the facts if we fail to understand something that may amaze us.

Don’t you think it is necessary to hang on till we don’t find out the real cause of certain people having extraordinary characteristics instead of getting away by saying simply, “How is it possible”? In right earnest, we are supposed to find out, “How is it possible” instead of crying harsh, “How is it possible?”

Actually, as I find, there are more than one ways of doing anything. For instance, take the case of GPS.


We should bear in mind that there can be always more than one way of doing the same thing. For instance, we know that though our brain also works like a GPS device it does not work the same way as the man-made devices work. Our brain does not catch any radio signals transmitted from any navigation satellites just as the handheld devices do. Yet our brain is able to work like a GPS device. The same way as the GPS technique used by our brain is not the same as the technique we use for our GPS we can’t say there may not be any technique other than the technique of seeing the inner organs of the body except X-rays.

Whether it may be possible or not, who has to find? Only scientists have to find out – whom else?

But do you think they may ever find out if they simply rule out the possibility of any such alternative technique? They don’t have to have a closed mind on it. They should have been looking for its biological equivalent, instead.

It may be true that we can see things when the waves falling within the visible band of the spectrum of the electromagnetic waves reflected by them enter our eyes but should they have not explored how anybody like Demkina may be at all able to see the inner organs of other people also?

Similarly, take the case of Shakuntala Devi who had been able to have found out the 23rd root of a 201 digit long number in just 50 seconds mentally not only without taking help of any calculator but without using even any pencil or paper. Leave alone – finding out the 23rd root of the number, most of us won’t be able to even remember such a long number.

Has anybody been able to find out how anyone may be able to calculate so fast? Even if we assume that she may have followed the concept of Newton-Raphson technique as had been mentioned by me at  https://www.quora.com/How-did-Shakuntala-Devi-perform-such-huge-calculations-with-great-speed-and-precision/answer/Subhash-Chandra-Sawhney she could have been able to use this technique only if it should have been possible for her to have remembered the results of all previous reiterations – which is too, much too, astounding to be believed.

So where do we end up?

Has the scope of scientific research to be redefined?

Shall we call it “Negative Attitude”?

The scientists should actually go all out to find out the physics and the biology of all such exceptional possibilities also to be eligible to call themselves “True Scientists”.

The scientists of the past had never imposed any such restraints on themselves.

No wonder, they have to come out of the cocoon they have built around themselves – the earlier the better.

At the first instance, we have to start with the assumption that it is possible to see the inner organs with the human eyes and it is possible to calculate that fast with our brain.

Though such things may not be possible if we have only the default parameters of the brain but it has been established that our brain may also have extraordinary parameters of the type Natalya Demkina seems to have or Shakuntala Devi may have had.

Nothing should be Off the Bounds for Science.

The scientists should not shirk from taking up the responsibility of investigating what may be the scientific background of such exceptions instead of wasting their energy on finding out whether there is any possibility of the Universe having more than three spatial dimensions.

Can there be no type of waves in the world except the electromagnetic waves? Have we ruled out all other possibilities? Is it not possible that our body may be using say magneto-gravitational waves or electro-gravitational waves?

I think we are not able to understand how the Reiki works, how telepathy works or how our souls work since we are not able to get out of the cage of the electromagnetic waves. We have to essentially fly out of this cage to climb the next rung of science.


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