Though in 1275 BC when God is believed to have given two stone tablets to Moses, on which the Ten Commandments or the part of the Pentateuch – the first five books of the Bible had been engraved it is shrouded in mystery in which language he would engraved the same as no written language had been evolved anywhere in the world yet though by now we have as many as 6290 spoken languages all over the world and anything so sophisticated could have not been possibly engraved on the stones using only the  ‘pictographs’ such as Egyptian Hieroglyphs that could have been used during his lifetime according to the Pastor C. Johnson.

Everybody prays to God in his own language. Do you expect, God would understand so many languages?

Don’t forget there may be at least 100 more such earths as ours in the universe looking at the number of the stars that shine in the sky. That easily adds up another 0.6 million languages to the list.

We don’t know much of the souls though, the most imminent possibility, according to me, is – he may be availing the services of the souls to act as an interpreter for him.

Moses wanted that everyone followed the commandments. So he may have come out with the idea of telling everyone that God had given him the tablets on which he had engraved the commandments. Would anyone have followed the commandments if we would have not been made to believe so – hardly anyone?

Yet there are a good many things God seems to have communicated to us for our welfare but surely not by engraving them on the stones in hieroglyphics or through the human voice.

Of course, he communicated all such things in quite an implicit manner as is being explained by me.

Here is an example that illustrates the manner in which he communicated some of the very useful things to us.

You may know, not even 0.01 percent of the sun-rays that are emitted by our Sun fall on the earth. Though some of the sun-rays may be falling on the other planets of our solar system, we are able to see the non-luminous stars only because entire rest of the rays keep on travelling into the endless expanse of the sky till some of the rays did not fall on some of the non-luminous stars on their way, as shown in the following diagram.


There are lots of people who would not tolerate if you ever mentioned that he too could have defaulted in any manner.

Have you noticed that not even 0.01 percent of the sun-rays don’t fall on the earth? The rest of 99.99 percent of the sun-rays escape into the sky. I also though just like anybody else that he should have thought of getting these sun-rays scavenged instead of having allowed such a colossal wastage of solar energy.

On the face of it, it looks very funny that he should have overlooked this factor.

The fact is he knew that the only way how they could have oriented themselves was to have allowed the 99.99 percent of the sun-rays to keep on travelling far beyond their planets ad infinitum so that they could illuminate any of the non-luminous stars that fell their way so that they also became visible to the human eyes. 

Just think of the days when we had not yet invented magnetic compasses. We could have found the east by looking toward the extreme end of the sky where Sun or moon rose into the sky. We could have found the west by looking toward the end of the sky where the Sun used to set at the end of the day. We could have found the north only by looking toward Thuban, Vega, Denab or Polaris which become the North Star by rotation – one after another over a cycle of about 26000 years as shown in the following diagram.

Wobbling of Earth - Coordinates.png

There are two types of stars we see in the sky – the luminous stars that emit their own light and non-luminous stars that shine under the light that illuminates them. The bulk of the stars is of the later type.

Just imagine what would have happened if we would have not been able to see any of the non-luminous stars.

We would have not seen so many stars in the sky.

The sea-sailors would have not been able to know in which direction they were sailing. They would have not been able to orient themselves on the high-seas.

Though today we are able to know our exact location with the help of the GPS devices and the Google maps it was not that simple for the sailors during those days. But God knew what was to be done.

I have been thinking God could have not been so stupid as to have allowed such a colossal loss of any form of energy in the Universe presumptuously created by Him. But I have realised that it could have not been impossible for anyone who should have created the Universe to have swept all the sun-rays once they crossed beyond the farthest planet of their sun.

I wondered why he should have not thought of recycling the 99.99 percent of the sun-rays that got lost this way, perennially. Why he should have not been frugal enough about the rays that escaped into the sky till they became so feeble that they could not travel any further.

I posted even a query on in August 2016 which has following URL.

I got an answer that looking at the total amount of the rays emitted by all the suns this loss was just like a drop in the ocean and that the sun-rays kept on travelling for millions of light years into space.

But I did not get the answer I had sought.

Since I did not get fully satisfied with all the answers I got, I kept on thinking of the possible answer.

I was sure anyone who should have had the capability of creating the Universe would have surely also checked on the question of the solar energy that escaped into the sky perennially.

Finally, I came out with an answer of my own.

The same way as we carry an image of everything we happen to see in our life in our memory, we carry an image of the starlit sky also in our memory.

When we stand anywhere on the earth we can’t know the longitude or the latitude of the place where we may be standing by looking at our surroundings.

But our brain is able to keep a track of our location by comparing the map of the stars shining in the sky and the map it may have stored in the memory as a benchmark for this purpose.

This map helps it to work like a GPS device – we use to identify our location on the ground by tracking the signals received by it from the navigation satellites that have been placed in the sky in various orbits by some of the countries for this purpose.

Our mind does not receive any signals such as our devices receive from the satellites but it knows how to keep a track of our locations just with the help of the map of the sky it has stored in its memory.

The brain of the African dung beetles also works through the image of the Milky Way much the same way.

The honeybees may be also using some system of the same sort to return to their honeycombs after collecting the nectar of the flowers from far off places.

Beneath the sea, we don’t have even any landmarks or, say, any “watermarks” of the type we may have on the land. Just imagine how the lobsters should be coming back to their habitats undersea? God must have provided some GPS even to them that helps them locate themselves.

So an idea flashed through my mind – could these stars would have got lit if God would have not allowed the remaining 99.99% of the rays to have escaped into the sky as he has done?

He may have allowed them to escape only because it was so necessary to have built up a GPS system for us, for the beetles, for the honeybees and all other creatures such as lobsters.

He provided a star-lit sky above our heads with a strong purpose.

Now I knew the sun-rays that escape are not at all a loss. If he would have not allowed them to escape we would have not had had a GPS system.

He would have not allowed the loss of so much of solar energy if it were not necessary to have provided a GPS system.

Just think what would have happened if there would have been no background of stars in the sky?

What would have happened if we would have not been able to make a sense of direction while on the high seas with no landmarks around us to make us aware of our direction?

He did not think of sweeping the sun-rays by getting them funnelled into some black hole for reuse only because he very well knew it was also necessary to have made it possible for us to find out where we were in the space or on the earth.

Just imagine if the astronaut we would have sent out into space would have missed the earth and would have flipped past the earth while landing back on the earth, as shown in the following diagram.

Space Shuttle Aiming  to Land on the Earth.png

With no stars shining in the sky, he would have not been able to even know where he got lost in the sky.

He would have gone astray into the endless sky and we would have never been able to even retrieve him.

I got my answer that God allowed even 99.99% of the sun rays to loiter in the space till they did not fall on some celestial body on their way so that it may become visible to us in the form of a star twinkling in the sky so that we did not lose our track. He did so because he knew people should have had some means till we would have not launched navigational satellites into the space for our own GPS.

Do you know what lesson he gave us by not bothering about how much of the solar energy got wasted?

He shared his vision with us that “Doesn’t matter what else we may lose as long as we don’t lose the sense of direction in our life”.

Shall we call it the eleventh commandment?


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