Were You Born During a Purushottam Month?

Do you know we have only a leap day in the Gregorian calendar but we have a leap month in the Vikrami calendar? Since the lunar years are of about 354 days and the solar years are of  about 365 days 5 hours and 48 minutes each year the start and the end of all the months drift by about 11 days. In Vikrami calendar this difference is compensated over a period of 1000 years by having an extra month, a month known as Purushottam month (Also known as Adhik month or Mal month) at an interval of about 32 months, in the year and by dropping a month at an interval of every 140 years. The years which have thirteen months are known as Purushottam years.

For instance, 1939 – the year in which I was born was a Purushottam year.

At the rate of 256 births per minute worldwide 11,059,200 persons must have born during the Purushottam month during 1939 alone besides me. We may have had about 28 to 30 Purushottam years since 1939 by now. So by now about 3 billion people would have born during the Purushottam years since 1939. But surprisingly none of us have ever bothered to know each other even though Internet offers us a unique opportunity to get to know each other and to come close to each other.

The most irksome part of the story is that none of the available date-converters lets us even enter a date of birth corresponding to the Purushottam months. So it is not possible for the people who may be knowing their date of birth in Vikrami calendar to know their date of birth as per Gregorian calendar if they may have born during a Purushottam month.

Even if  I make up my mind to celebrate my birthday according to the Vikrami calendar, do you know I can’t celebrate my birthday like all of you? I would be able to celebrate my birthday only once every eight years because even though Vikrami calendar has a Purushottam month once every 32 months, 32 is not a multiple of 12. Only 32 x 8, that is, 256 months is a multiple of 12.  So those who may have born during a Purushottam month may celebrate their birthday once in eight years only according to the Vikrami calendar because same Purushottam day may recur once every 256 months only –  not every year unless they know their date of birth according to the Gregorian calendar.

Only those who may have born on 29th February may celebrate their birthday during the leap years – once every four years. That is also tolerable but what about those who may be able to celebrate their birthday once every eight years only?

Obviously none of the search engines of Internet may be of any help in this regard.

I hope you have understood the plight of the people who don’t know their date of birth according to the Gregorian calendar.

If so, why not come forward to help those born during a Purushottam month of the Vikrami calendar who are struggling to find the Gregorian date corresponding to their date of birth  so that they may be also able to celebrate their  birthday every year or every fourth year just like anyone else?

I would have developed a converter myself if I could have developed one but the fact is, I am helpless.

I may only appeal to all my brethren who may be able to develop a date-converter that may simplify the life of the people who don’t know when they may celebrate their birthday according to the Gregorian calendar to help them out.


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