Is Astrology True or Not?

There are so many amazing things in the world. One of such things is the giant rock known as Krishna’s butter ball that stands on the ground as if it may be standing in the air.

You gasp the moment you have a look at the rock wondering how it may be standing like this.


It stands simply because its center of gravity is exactly above the base point over which it stands. Astrology also stands just like this rock only. It is also as huge as this rock. May be its center of gravity is also just above its base?

Question may arise in your mind why should we compare it with this rock.

I had posted one of such incident at that testifies that astrology can tell you even the things the truth of which may be known only to you – none else. This is the reason why I compare it with this rock.

Astrology also does not have a strong base just like this rock.


FACT # 1

Only human beings and animals can be friendly or unfriendly – not planets and constellations. But astrology wants you to believe that planets and constellations may also be friendly and unfriendly.

In astrology, some Grahas are assumed to be friendly and some unfriendly with some constellations. If unfriendly Grahas may share some House with some constellation it is believed to be harmful for the native (the person to whom the Natal Chart may belong). How can you trust astrology which expects you to believe that Grahas may be friendly and unfriendly?


Only living beings may be masculine or feminine. How do you find out which celestial body is masculine and which celestial body is feminine? How you can at all treat any celestial body as a living creature?

Some of the constellations are believed to be feminine and some of them are believed to be masculine.

The Fire and Air signs, namely Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are thought of as masculine.

The Earth and Water signs, namely Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are thought of as feminine.

How any constellations (signs) may at all be masculine or feminine?

The Grahas are also classified by their gender.

Moon and Venus (Shukra) are female. Surya, Mars (Mangal), and Guru are male

Mercury (Budha) and Saturn (Shani) are neuter. The gender of the Jupiter (Guru) is masculine and its deity is Indra.

Raahu is feminine and Ketu is masculine.

According to astrology, if a man has male Grahas (planets) predominant in his Natal Chart, he will look very masculine. If he has female Grahas predominant, he will look more refined and feminine. If a woman has female Grahas predominant, she will look very feminine. If she has male Grahas predominant, she will look less refined, and more masculine. The predominance of neuter planets in a male chart makes the man less masculine and in case of a female she will be less feminine. In both cases, the person will be rather boyish if he may have a neuter Graha namely Mercury (Budha) or Saturn (Shani).

FACT # 3

Astrologers work on an assumption that planets and the stars behave and act just like the mythological characters after whom they had named them.

Just have a look at the following excerpts I have picked up randomly from some of the blogs on astrology.

According to astrology Sun, Moon and the five planets (known as Grahas) have following attributes.

The Sun – The Soul

The Moon – The Mind

Mars – Strength

Mercury – Speech

Jupiter – Knowledge and Happiness

Venus – Potency

Saturn – Grief

These are called primary significances. According to astrology, the secondary planetary significations can be derived from their primary significances.

For instance, that Sun (Surya) represents the “Soul” can be interpreted in a flexible and general sense of the word. The word Soul is used for the deepest and truest nature, for the ultimate sense of identity, inspiration, and aspiration. Surya signifies one’s essential attributes – the sense of self, ego, self esteem, sense of purpose, and so on. Energies and conditions that arise from Sun’s placement in a horoscope, along with the influences that the Sun receives, will be experienced in life as deep, long-term trends and processes, that impact one’s life as a whole.

Since moon takes about 28 days to take one round of the earth they started spotting the fixed stars that could be seen behind the moon when it moved through various Zodiac Houses and identified 27 of them. These fixed stars are known as Nakshatras.

Since it was customary to name our children after the names of various deities they named these “Nakshatras” also by the names of some of the deities randomly as they pleased. When parents name their children they don’t have any fixed criteria. The same way they too did not have fixed criteria.

But it did not occur to them that it did not make any sense to have thought that the Nakshatras should have had same characteristics as the deities after whom they had named them may have in the mythology. By making such assumptions they did not know that knowingly or unknowingly they made astrology also a part of mythology only.

For instance have a look at the characteristics assigned by them to the Nakshatra Ashwini.

Ashwini is governed by Ashwins – the twin horsemen. It posses the same healing power that Ashwins are known to have had. So it brings about quick relief from all maladies. The Ashwins are forms of Prana or life-force, which is quick in its action to rejuvenate and stimulate us to initiate a new level of activity.

And the characteristics assigned to the Nakshatra Bharani. 

Bharani is ruled by the deity Yama, lord of death, called the “king of Dharma (Religion)”. This Nakshatra brings self-control and restraint as well as death and transformation. Its symbol isYoni (Vagina)”.

Or to the Nakshatra Pushya.

Pushya is ruled by Brihaspati, the priest to the gods, also known as the devaguru Jupiter. Wisdom, awareness, ritual, overcoming negative thoughts and behaviours are exemplified by this Nakshatra. Its symbol is “Milk giving cow udder”.

It looks more like a fairy tale being narrated to a child by her grandma.

FACT # 4

Astrology assumes that all week-days are ruled by various Grahas.

Monday by Moon

Tuesday by Mars

Wednesday by Mercury

Thursday by Jupiter

Friday by Venus

Saturday by Saturn

Sunday by Sun

In Hindi, even the weekdays are named after their ruling Grahas. For instance, Monday is known as “Somvaar”. Som means Moon. Tuesday is known as “Mangalvaar”. Mangal means Mars.

Should we also treat them as deities just because they treated them as deities?

If we may meet an accident on some day, say, Monday. Astrologers assign the cause of accident to the deity of the day to be angry with us. So they suggest that we should perform some “Pooja” to appease the deity.

Would you subscribe to such a philosophy? Of course astrology is an offshoot of philosophy only according to me.

How do we ascertain which Graha may be ruling which constellation? Does it fit into any logic?

Astrology also assumes that each day has its own attributes. For instance since Monday is the moon day, it is supposed to impact our emotions, moods, intuition and the shadowy side of life.

For the attributes of other days you may refer to the site

So many fiddlesticks – would you like to look for more?

FACT # 5

The zodiac Houses play a pivotal role in astrology.

Entire zodiacal circle has been divided into 12 Houses of 30° each. The eastern-most division is known as the first House. The second division is known as the second House and so on.

But just see how they named them.

The first House was named as the “House of Life”.

If we want to know what type of life we may lead, we have to look for the owner of this House. The Ascendant Sign – the constellation that may have been rising or may have arisen above the horizon at 0° at the time of our birth is supposed to be its owner. Every House is ruled by some planet or another. This House is ruled by Mars. Just tell me how they must have found out which planet should be ruling which of  the House?

If you want to know what may happen in your life, you have to find out which zodiac constellation may be entering this House in the sky or may have already entered this House – not just which constellation but also to what extent. It is supposed to exert its influence much more if it lies within its cusp – that is, within 0° to 10° of the House.

You have to find out which planet (Graha to be more precise) may be also entering this House at that time. If you know which planet – you have to find out is this planet masculine or feminine, friendly or unfriendly to the owner of the House.

The combination of the Graha and the constellation is known as “Astrological Yoga”. Since we have 9 Grahas and 12 Zodiac constellations we have as many as 108 Yogas. Each Yoga has its own functions. Their functions have been decided only hypothetically.

We have to also know Moon may be in which Nakshatra at that time and what impact it may have on this Yoga.

We have to study which Grahas or which zodiac constellations may be sharing the Houses at the corners of the Triangles and the Quadrangles having their corners at the First House and calculate the total effect of all of them if we may like to make any prediction that may be worth its salt.

It seems they knew, it is not really so easy to predict what may happen in our life. No wonder the procedure that has to be followed is also as cumbersome as you should believe it should be.

The other Houses are:

Second House – The “House of Value”.

Third House  – The “House of Communications”.

Fourth House – The “House of Home and Family”.

Fifth House  – The “House of Pleasure”.

Sixth House – The “House of Health”.

Seventh House – The “House of Partnerships”.

Eighth House – The “House of Reincarnation”.

Ninth House  – The “House of Philosophy”.

Tenth House – The “House of Social Status”.

Eleventh House – The “House of Friendships”.

Twelfth House – The “House of Self Undoing”.

Now just reflect back. Why the Eleventh House only should have been the “House of friendships”? Why not any other House?

Obviously, it should have been done on “Pick and Choose” basis only.

All they had as the basis to conclude what impact various astrological Yogas may have on our life was the data they should have collected from all around by trying to cross-match the data with various Yogas. It would have obviously mismatched also in many cases. But we simply don’t know in how many cases it would have mismatched.  If it may have mismatched in, say, 30% cases we can safely assume that astrology may give at the best an accuracy of 70% only – not more than 70%.

FACT # 6

Astrology strongly believes in the concept of the “Past-life Karmas”. It is based on the premise that the timing of our birth, type of family we may get born in, our appearance, our personality, our health, our upbringing, the status we may enjoy and the type of life we may lead depends on the type of “Karmas” we may have performed during our past life.

It assumes that everything that may have to happen in our life is determined by our past-life “Karmas” which get trans-scripted as our “Prarabdh” – the basket of our fortunes and misfortunes.

Even though we never know what sort of “Karmas” we should have performed during our past life – since the timing of our birth depends on our past-life Karmas we can ascertain what is going to happen in our life according to what is known as our “Prarabdh” through our Ascendant Sign, our Sun Sign and our Moon Sign according to astrology.

So a system of showing which of the zodiac constellations were situated in which House at the time of our birth was evolved in the form of a chart that is known as “Natal Chart” and it came to be believed that our “Prarabdh” could be ascertained from our Natal Chart.

But as already mentioned, the unfortunate part of the story is the fact that we don’t know how accurately the astrologers who evolved astrology may have been able to cross-match the data collected by them with the positions of the constellations and the Grahas in various Houses.

But the fact is Natal Charts could have at the best told us what could have happened in our life by virtue of our past Karmas but nothing about the impact our present-life Karmas may have on our “Prarabdh”.

No doubt a lot depends on what type of parents we may happen to have. To have had parents of our own choice was not in our hands. It was in the hands of our parents – none else. If it would have depended on our past Karmas, how do we verify it? We don’t know what type of Karmas we may have performed during our past life.

Our Prarabdh depends only on the type of parents we may have and what we may do in our life to avail ourselves of the great opportunity – our parents have offered us.

Nothing is predestined. Astrology just makes us believe that everything is predestined.

If astrology is so baseless why people have not given up?

When astrology was launched the astrologers assured that astrology would bring a relief from the stress that gnaws at us due to the uncertainties of the life.

Though astrologers sold the concept of auspiciousness and told us that they could tell us which time was best suited to start a new business so that we did not incur loss in the business. But very soon people discovered that the loss or profit we incur in our business or any venture does not squarely depend on the time when we may start the business. It depends more on our capability to have run it successfully.

People also realized that even though they started their business on the dates proposed by them they were not able to find what would have happened if they would have started their business on some other date – not  the date  they had advised as auspicious.

They told the people that they could match the horoscopes to find out based on the stars whether they should marry some particular man or woman or not. But people realized that they could never find in whole of their life what sort of life they would have led if they would have married someone else instead of having married whomsoever they may have married. They came to know that all depends on how we deliberate through in our life – not so much on whom we marry or whom we do not marry or the date on which we marry.

Only such of people kept on getting horoscopes matched who thought that they should keep on honouring the rituals already set by their ancestors.

They realized that since the truth of astrology could not be put to the test it was not worth believing it.

A question arises in our mind, if astrology has so many lapses why do we still believe in it? Why do we still get tempted to read what the stars may foretell?

It leaves us wondering – how a system that is infested with so many bugs may have survived so long or how astrologers may be managing to make astonishingly true revelations.

We believe in astrology simply because

  • It is tempting to know what may happen in our life and because it presumptuously assures us that it can tell us what may happen in our life. We believe in astrology because we are not able to quell our curiosity to know what may happen in our life. It amuses us to think of what is predestined to happen in our life. It is this curiosity that takes us to the doorsteps of the astrologers.
  • Another reason why we believe in astrology is the fact that sometimes astrologers are able to tell even things the truth of which may be known only to us – none else.

Life would have become much more beautiful if we could have known in advance what was going to happen in our life on day to day basis – or even better, on an hour to hour basis.

Though it was developed with good intent it finally collapsed and did not draw anywhere close to the brim. It failed to deliver what it was expected to deliver.

If, for instance, everyone would have known that the Twin Trade Towers of New York were going to be hit by jetliners everybody would have vacated the towers in advance. The same way, if everybody would have known that Tsunami waves were going to hit the beaches of Thailand and Indonesia everybody would have deserted the beaches in advance. But the fact is we never know about such events in advance. We never know in advance that the pilots of the plane in which we are travelling may doze off while flying the plane after putting the plane in the Auto-Pilot mode.

Accidents keep on happening off and on. No astrologer tells us in advance – obviously because it is not possible to tell in advance.

Since astrology does not come to our rescue at such occasions we should simply forget about it.

Whether true or untrue, how you could rely on astrology?

Just think of the people dying at the hands of the terrorists in Syria or anywhere else. Do you think all the people who may have to die according to the horoscopes may have come together at the same place to die at their hands?

So why believe in astrology?

Though according to the astrologers we can find the role our friends and associates may play in our life by studying their House of Friendships and our House of Friendships we can’t deny that the intersection of the Karmas performed by us during our present life all through since our birth till date falls outside the domain of the Natal Charts or horoscopes.

So let us not forget, “Everything that happens in our life can’t be entirely predicted through astrology. There is a vast expanse beyond astrology that has to be explored by us in our life. Astrology does not define what we may achieve in our life.”

Astrology deals with the things we can’t verify. Why should we believe in anything that does not allow us to verify its basis?


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