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It looks there are many things that God did not want us to know in advance. For instance he did not want us to know whether a pregnant lady would deliver a male child or a female child. Once a couple had a female child it was quite understandable for them to have been keen to know in advance whether the next pregnancy would result in the birth of a male child or a female child. Just a decade back it was not possible to ascertain whether a lady had a male foetus or a female foetus.

Those who knew that the founder of the firm that used to manufacture the pain relieving medicine known as “Amratanjan” which was very popular in sixties to relieve gastric pain also used to prepare an Ayurvedic medicine known as “Meetha Fal” in the form of spherical balls of about ½ inch diameter which if taken with milk under full moonlight in the third month of pregnancy by a pregnant lady ensured that even if she carried a female foetus she would deliver a male child only, used to procure this medicine by post and live in peace till full term of pregnancy.

But after the death of the founder of this firm even though his children tried to make and sell this medicine the medicine sold by them did not yield any satisfactory results. Though I don’t have much knowledge about Ayurveda but it is a common belief in India that preparation of certain Ayurvedic medicines is not just a mechanical process. Such medicines could not be effective unless they are prepared by a person who may have been leading a disciplined life conforming to certain tenets prescribed under Ayurveda. Certainly this medicine should have been also a medicine of this genre only. Though I don’t know, it is also possible that certain ingredients of this medicine also had to be cured under some type of celestial rays about which his children may have not been fully aware. It is also possible that it may have required chanting of certain Mantras also while mixing the ingredients.

So this firm stopped production of this medicine. It is also said that many pundits who used to prepare such medicines believed that if they disclosed the exact recipe the medicine prepared by them may not be effective. Therefore the trend of not passing on the exact techniques was quite rampant in India. So the technique of making such medicines got gradually lost due to such belief.

But I have been always wondering whether the celestial rays could really have any such effect on the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines.

So I posted a query on Stack Exchange on August 20, 2016 to know what happens to the 99.9 % of the sun-rays that do not fall on any planets or any other celestial bodies?


According to me these rays eventually get converted into celestial rays aka cosmic rays – the type of rays that appear to be coming toward us from the stars we see strewn all over the sky from our earth. Our sun may be also appearing just like one of the stars in the sky to the people living on the earth like planets of the other stars of the Universe but the light we get from the other stars in the form of cosmic light may be having some therapeutic qualities. So it may be a wrong notion that the light that escapes into the outer space gets wasted. It may not be getting wasted, it on the contrary may be acquiring such therapeutic properties after traveling a few billions of light years into the space such as the cosmic rays we get on the earth may be having for us. The same way, may be, the 99.9% of the light of our sun that has escaped into sky and is continuously escaping into sky may be meant to have similar therapeutic benefits for the people living on the earth like planets of the other stars of the Universe.

Actually I am of the opinion that nothing may be getting wasted in the Universe. If we can recycle things do you think God, who had the capability of creating such a huge Universe,  may have not been aware of the concept of recycling? We are perhaps underestimating him by assuming that he may have not evolved a system of recycling the 99.9% of the solar energy that escapes into sky. Over a time, we may discover that even the 99.9 % of the solar lights that escape into the space also all get recycled and the process of recycling may have been going on and on ever since beginning of time.

Anyway I am reproducing some of the answers I received in response to my query.

(i) Answer given by Rob Jeffries on Aug 20, 2016 

The light from the Sun spreads, at least initially, in an isotropic fashion into the universe.

As it gets farther from the Sun, some of that light will interact with the interstellar medium (ISM) and therefore some of the energy emitted by the Sun will be used to excite atoms and molecules or even ionise some atoms. This will be the fate of almost all the light which is emitted from the Sun towards the plane of our Galaxy, which contains sufficient molecular gas and dust to block starlight travelling through it for any distance. We know this happens because we can “see” dark clouds in the Milky Way that can be penetrated by longer wavelength radiation to reveal all the billions of Sun-like stars that lie behind them. Roughly speaking, about half the visible light from the Sun will be absorbed every 1000 light years when travelling in the Galactic plane, so it is essentially all absorbed within a few thousand light years.

But most of the Sun’s light is not travelling in the direction of the Galactic plane, and interstellar and intergalactic space has a very low density of gas and dust. The equivalent extinction number for the intergalactic medium is that light travels many billions of light years with almost no chance of being absorbed (see Zu et al. 2010). This means that most of the light from the Sun will travel to cosmological distances (billions of light years) over the course of the next billions of years. Indeed light emitted from the Sun shortly after its birth has already travelled 4.5 billion light years. We know this has happened and will happen, because we can observe galaxies (the light from which is nothing more than the summation of light from many stars like the Sun) that are 4.5 billion (and more) light years away.

As the Sunlight travels towards cosmological distances, its wavelength is “stretched” by the expansion of the universe, becoming redder and redder. We know this happens because distant galaxies have redshifted spectra. If the universe keeps expanding, then its density will continue to decrease and there is little to stop the radiation from the Sun travelling on forever, with a wavelength that scales as the scale factor, a, of the universe.

If we follow a co-moving and co-expanding cube containing the Sun’s radiation as the universe expands the total radiative energy inside that cube diminishes as a−1 – that is, the energy content of the universe in the form of radiation from stars (and other sources) becomes energetically less important as the universe expands and appears to be being superseded by the energy contained in the vacuum itself (a.k.a. dark energy).

In conclusion, most of the energy emitted by the Sun is not “used” for anything; it propagates into space, becoming more and more dilute.

Nij gave following comments to it on Aug 21.

Am I incorrect to point out that light emitted 4.5 billion years ago has indeed (from its reference) travelled 4.5 billion light-years, but is much more than 4.5 billion light-years as measured in ours?

To which Rob Jeffries replied on August21:

Yes I think you are correct, the “wave front” ends up being more than 4.5 billion light years away because of the expansion of space.

(ii) Answer given by James K on August 20, 2016.

You want nature to be frugal and efficient. You want all the energy of the sun to have a purpose. However what you want nature to be like has no bearing on what it is.

The light from the sun is a colossal amount of energy in human terms, but very minor in comparison to the rest of the universe. The light that didn’t fall onto anything left the solar system and was never “used”.

The root of your misunderstanding is that you think that the sun has a purpose. It is a ball of plasma that emits energy. See for example Ernst Mayr’s essay on Teleology

(iii) Answer given by Michael Karnerfors on Aug 23, 2016.

Do not anthropomorphize Nature. Nature does not have a mind, a will or a sense of “balance”. Nature knows only one thing: the laws of nature, i.e. physics. So don’t expect that it may also think about wastage of sun light. Instead, the most final and definite law of nature is that of Entropy. Entropy means: every action generates waste – Waste heat to be exact. And in the end, the universe as we know will be entirely dead because there would be nothing but waste heat left, with no difference in energy potential left in the things like sunlight, work or even life for being utilized. (The answer has been edited by me to some extent to make it relevant to this blog.)

False Alert in Blog Posts to turn mobile phones off from 12:30 to 3:30 am because of alleged influx of cosmic rays from Mars.

An alert that everybody should switch off his mobile phones has been circulating since 2008 and it suddenly reappeared on April 6, 2012 again on Face Book and has again raised its ugly head on the social media at the start of 2016.

The warning that appeared in April, 2012 cited the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as the source, coursed through BBC to give it an authoritative look.

In its Australian edition the daily “International Business Times” it has debunked the rumours as a hoax and has belied the recurring lie.

It mentions that one reason why we need not worry is that the planets do not emit cosmic rays. Even if the Red Planet could reflect cosmic rays, it would not be of significant intensity or result in surges as warned. The Earth’s atmosphere likewise has protection against most cosmic rays. The rays would only affect phones only if it may impact satellite communications, but not on the device itself or the gadget’s batteries.

According to a handout of NASA, solar radiation storms would be extremely rare in 2016, but the galactic cosmic ray (GCR) flux would be on the rise. NASA recognizes the GCR’s huge problem, but only for astronauts flying to Mars, not earthlings staying out in the planet.

So, to anyone who will receive this kind of message, please think it over and help educate others. Spreading dubious and unsubstantiated warnings such as this is counterproductive and is unlikely to help anyone.


We don’t know whether cosmic rays have some therapeutic benefits or not but Ayurveda recognizes the therapeutic benefits of at least Moonlight.


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