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Miracles happen when our subconscious mind also works in the foreground just like our conscious mind – the type of miracles the mind of Shakuntala Devi or minds of some other such persons could have performed. You too could fall in the same category of people if you may also train your subconscious mind to work in tendon with your conscious mind.

Let us first examine what skills Shakuntala Devi had acquired by training her subconscious mind to work in tendon with her conscious mind.

For it, you have to go back down the lane of memory to recall that she had astounded the world by her prowess of calculating just in 28 seconds that when we multiply 7,686,369,774,870 and 2,465,099,745,779 we would arrive at the figure 18,947,668,177,995,426,462,773,730 in year 1980 in UK.

Leave alone to have multiplied so large numbers can you even write such large numbers back on a paper if you were ever asked to do so? Where she would have stored such large numbers in her memory?

Obviously in her subconscious mind only, not in her conscious mind.

And what about having added the following four numbers





And having multiplied the result by 9,878 to get the answer 5,559,369,456,432 in less than 20 seconds according to the article published in the New York Times on November 10, 1976?

Or having calculated the 7th root of 455,762,531,836,562,695,930,666,032,734,375 in just 40 seconds mentally, without ever touching any paper or pencil?

Or having calculated 23rd root of a 201-digit number at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, USA, just in 50 seconds in 1977 when the answer—546,372,891—given by her was confirmed by calculations done at the US Bureau of Standards by the UNIVAC 1101 computer by writing a special program?

So far as my mind goes she could have calculated the 7th and the 23rd roots by Newton-Raphson Method only.


To calculate the nth root of a number, say, A we first of all guess an answer and then proceed as follows to calculate nth root of the number A.

Let us assume that x_k, the first guess is x_1 for k = 0.

Then, we calculate the first approximate value of x_(k+1) that is, x_2 of the nth root, as follows for k = 1, k being the count of the iterations.

x_(k +1) = [(n – 1) x_k + A / x_k ^ (n-1)] / n

Δ x_k = [A / x_k ^ (n – 1) – x_k]

Then we go on increasing the value of k by 1 every time to recalculate the value of x _(k +1) till we get │ Δ x_k │ = 0

Just see how we would calculate the 3rd root of 125, using this technique.

Let us guess that the value of the 3rd root may be 4.

We may say, A is 125, n is 3 and x_1 is 4.

First of all, we calculate x_2, as follows;

x_2 = [2 x 4 + 125 / 4 ^ 2 ] / 3

= (8 + 125 / 16) / 3

= (8 + 7. 8125) / 3

= 5.2708333

So Δ_1 = [ 125 / 4^ 2 – 4 ] / 3

= 3.8125 / 3

= 1.2708333

Then we calculate x_3, as follows.

x_3 = [2 x 5.2708333 + 125 / 5.2708333 ^ 2 ] / 3

= (10.541667 + 125/27.781684) / 3

= 5.0136781 for which

Δ_2 = [125 / 5.0136781^ 2 – 4 ] / 3

= (125 / 25.136968 – 4)/ 3

= 0.9727557 / 3

= 0.32425189

Then we calculate x_4, as follows.

x_4 = [2 x 5. 0136781+ 125 / 5. 0136781^ 2 ]/ 3

= (10.027356 + 125/ 25.136968 )/ 3

= 15.000112 / 3

= 5.0000372

Obviously if we have to work so hard to calculate even the 3rd root of such a small number as 125, imagine how hard her mind would have to have worked to have calculated the 23rd root of a 201 digit number by any such method. But it can’t be denied that her mind must have done so many calculations within her memory.

Obviously she must have had a wonderful memory such as of which we may perhaps never be able to have.

So many calculations could have not been performed without having stored in her memory all intermediate results.

Miracle, indeed but she ought to have had so much of capacity to have calculated the roots so fast.

It could have been possible only if she would have used her subconscious mind also in tendon with her conscious mind – in no other way.

Do you think you may be able to train your subconscious mind to work the way she had trained? Perhaps she too had not trained her subconscious mind herself.  It, however, gives us a hint that it is not impossible. 

According to me we may also find a veritable proof of the existence of God in her amazing ability of storing so many intermediate numeric figures in her memory as are necessary to store in the memory to calculate the 7th and 23rd roots of so large numbers.

We get dumbstruck when we think of the amount of calculations it should have called for to have created such a big Universe which has survived so long and is bound to survive for another several trillions of light-years further more. Though we may not know who would have done all the calculations at the time of creation of the Universe  we may, anyway, revere  the “entity” who may have done all such calculations itself to have been the “God“.

We have a reason to believe, if Shakuntala Devi could have calculated so fast without using any paper or pencil, it should have not been impossible to have done all the calculations that would have been necessary to create the Universe also without paper or pencil.

After all God too would have not used any paper or pencil to have done all the calculations that would have been necessary to create the Universe. Surely enough, it would have not been possible to create the Universe without doing any calculations.

I have dealt with the topic whether God exists or not or whether it existed or not, very clearly in my book “Existence of God” which was published in the year 2016 by “Partridge India”. I have given my views about existence of God in my book in a manner that it quells many of the misgivings people have about God. The way every manufacturing company of the world stamps its identity on its products, the year of manufacturing and even a serial number on its products God has also stamped every thing produced by him much in the same manner. Even every dust particle bears his stamp. We are just probing the subatomic particles. We would be able to read his stamp only when we go to the sub-subatomic particles. In Hindi we say, “KAN KAN MEIN BHAGWAN”. It translates in English as “God is there even in every smallest particle”.
We may know about God only if we may think, we may or may not know who may have written a poem but we can’t say it would have not been written by anyone. Same is true of the Universe. We may not know who may have created the Universe but we can’t say no one would have created it. Whosoever he may have been, we use the word “God” for him in English, “Bhagwan” in Hindi and “Khudah” in Urdu.Nothing gets created by itself. Surely someone must have created even the DNAs. One who created the Universe may not have even known anything about gravitational constant as we know but he knew how to put so many planets in various orbits in a way that they did not collide with each other and kept on rotating around .the sun ceaselessly without ever falling short of any fuel. We are spending our energy on the science part of the Universe. He had spent his energy only on creating every thing without having to have  ever gone to any school or any college. He did not learn anything about astronomy either. He would have never come on the earth in any form. The way the heads of various tribes have been telling their people that they had been sent by God  since people realized that everybody would follow what could be told to be religion, people started using this weakness of the human beings.

Only such form of God is true about which no one may have any dispute.



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